Swami Vivekananda - The Patriotic Monk

Patriotism means unconditional love for our country. Patriotism means standing by our nation in its prosperity and adversity. Patriotism means having pride in being the citizen of our nation, India which has nurtured us from our cradle to our grave. Patriotism means being ready to lay down our lives in sacrifice and gratefulness for our country.

Swami Vivekananda, the great Hindu monk had all these qualities and may well be called the personification of patriotism for Bharat, our motherland. 

Swamiji strongly vouched for cultivating patriotism in the heart of every son and daughter of our sacred motherland. He encouraged to feel for each and every citizen of the country, feel for their sufferings, feel for the challenges that as a nation we are facing. More so, as Swami said, we also need to think of a practical solution to those problems and then endlessly work for the goal of uplifting our nation (Dhyeya marga nu yatra). It is true that we might face obstacles in our path but Swami said, we need not deter from our goal even if we face mountain high obstructions. Swamiji wanted that we, the children of our motherland should be ready to sacrifice our lives in the yajna of national reconstruction even if the whole world stands against us sword in hands.
Swamiji believed that India is a nation which is the land of religion and that being the children of our forefathers, who were spiritual giants, we need to shake off delusion, selfishness and work for our country. The spiritual, philosophical and religious knowledge of our forefathers should be our guiding light for national reconstruction.

Swamiji discouraged any negative thoughts about the misery of our country. Instead, he insisted that we, as children of our motherland, feel for our fellow brothers and sisters, may their hardships bring tears in our eyes, may the drawbacks of our nation prompt us to take a resolve for the eradication of such problem. If we truly love our country, we should not be ready to hear any negative criticism about our nation, instead, we should join hands to work towards its improvement since it is our own and there is none other than us who can bring back its glorious past. Swamiji said that we must not forget that we are immortal souls, children of the infinite (Vyayam supra Amrit-Asya Noonan) therefore we should not be discouraged. Instead, we should "Arise, Awake and stop not till the goal is reached" that is, the goal of national reconstruction.

Vande Mataram, Bharat Mata ki Jay.

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